In English this breed is called"Parlor Rollers" , in German "Indische Bodenpurzler" and in Arabic "Shalabaz Hindi". The Parlor Rollers descends from India and Persia and it is a very old breed. In 1596 they were already known in India. In 1855 they were bred for the first time in Scotland. Then the breed came to the USA. This breed cannot fly, they only tumble on the floor. This breed is tame and peaceful and they are happy pigeons, although they cannot fly. They breed very good. This breed is suitable for people whom don't have enough space for a loft, because they don't need a big pigeonry, they can be kept without a lot of space too. It is important that the nests are on the floor or not higher then about 20 - 30 centimeters, because they cannot fly high. It is important that the floor in the loft is soft (for example sand ).